About Us

We are a multifunctional legally registered company, operated since 1997 by Natalia Varetskaya. We started as an international marriage agency, but now it is only one part of our activity. Our office has been at the same place and address since 2001. We are happy to see a number of our repeat clients who visit us sometimes for years.

Business Registration:

Registration Name: Varetskaya Nataliya
Government registration: №2 556 017 0000 033614
Registration date: 07.05.2002

Business Activities:

Odessa Marriage agency
Ukraine Accommodation service
Ukraine Flower and Gift delivery

All three websites are managed from our main office in Odessa, Ukraine. Our previous site name was “Adam and Eva”. We are proud that we were part of many happy liaisons, which have resulted in wonderful new families with children. Many girls still write us and send photos of their new families and it makes us very happy indeed.

The main principle of our work is the integrity. It is the principle value by which we operate our business. Our other values are as follows: :

1. All our women are for real
2. We do NOT ever write a word in behalf of our ladies, but translate their letters only.
3. We guarantee every bit of information that our customers get from us.
4. Our main goal is to get people together.

Unfortunately there are not many other agencies in Odessa if any, that share our views and that work this way. Many of the other agencies do not check information on ladies and translators often give gentlemen a false sense that there are many ladies 20 years younger or more just waiting to have a close relationship with them.

Contact persons:

Natalia Varetskaya, Ph.D. - the business owner and the manager;
Andrey Varetskiy - the Home Hotel "5STARS" owner and the Check in manager;

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