First FREE Letter

If you’d like to contact our ladies, we provide the “First FREE letter” option. Your introduction letter can be translated and delivered to 6 ladies FREE of charge. It may include 1 your photo.

We’ll deliver it to each lady and send you their answers as soon as they bring it to us.

IMPORTANT: Unlike 99% of other agencies, we do NOT write letters to our customers ourselves. We provide the REAL answers of REAL ladies. Needless to say, that such replies may take from 1 day to a week or so of awaiting. Only agencies that answer on ladies behalf can do it for 1-2 days.

The other thing is that real ladies are not professional letter writers. So, do not feel frustrated if such replies are short or not very emotional, etc. Most ladies are not very good in writing. Remember, that it is the real but not the virtual communication.

How to start writing?

Send us your letter and provide the list of ladies that we have to send it to (name, age and the member code of each lady).

After receiving positive replies make your final choice and write to those girls who interest you the most.

Reply from the lady can be either positive or negative. From our experience we can guarantee you positive replies if you read carefully what kind of man the certain lady would like to meet. If you correspond to all criteria that she mentioned at her profile, the answer will be positive in 99% of cases.

The next step would be openning an account with us for covering the further corresponding.

Inform us that you are willing to do so and we’ll send you links.

The starting account can be, say, $30.00 or so. It would cover 6 letters total including translations.

Sending photos

1 photo sent to the lady as well as her photo sent to you is $1.00.

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