Personal Introductions

Our office is located at the main street of the absolutely beautiful Odessa city on the Black Sea shore. Thousands of guests from number of countries visit it during a year. Many of them come to Odessa to meet a right girl and to get married.

Our office is very easy accessible as the most guests spend their time exactly at our Deribasovskaya street.

If you plan to visit Odessa, you are welcome to visit us from 9:00 until 17:00.

We have the Office Catalogs with ladies’ profiles and photos. Look though and select one or a few girls that you would like to be introduced to. Answer us a few our questions about yourself.

We check ladies’ passports when they join us. So, all information about them is clear and correct. We follow the same way when introducing our customers to ladies. That’s why we’ll ask you to provide us your passport to check. We are sure that it is fair for both sides.

We’ll ask you about:

  1. your name;
  2. your age;
  3. what country are you from?
  4. if you were married before;
  5. if you have children;
  6. what is your education&profession?
  7. What do you do for living?

We’ll call a girl right then and introduce you to her on the phone due to the answers that we got from you.

If the lady is interested in meeting you in person, we set time&place for such Personal Introduction, that is appropriate for both a lady and a customer.

A customer should pay the fee right after the meeting is arranged. The cost of one Personal Introduction is 350 Hrivnas. Its value in USD varies from $40.00 to $45.00 due to the variations of rates.

If so happens, that a lady does not come for the scheduled meeting, we return the money to a customer. If a man does not come, but a lady waits for him, we keep the funds.

Interpreting during the Personal Introduction.

Each lady declares her level of foreing languages when filling the joining form. The levels can be as following:

  1. Needs the help of translator for reading & writing & for the personal meeting
  2. Can understand a simple and slow speaking, can read and understand a letter with the dictionary, but can't write and speak yet
  3. Speaking beginner & can read a letter, but can't write yet
  4. Speaking beginner & can read and write a simple letter
  5. Fluently speaking & writing

So, if her foreing language level is 3, 4 or 5 – she does not need interpreter and can communicate with a customer at the declared language. Just we appeal to our clients either to be very patient or still to order interpreting service if her English (German, Spanish, etc.) is of the level “3”.

If it is “1” or “2” – she definitely needs the help of interpreter.

The price for translation is:

  1. 85 Hrivnas/hour for the working hours;
  2. 110 Hrivnas/hour during the week ends and evenings.

For the last year rates it can be around $10.00 and $14.00.

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