Prices and Payments

Dear Gentlemen, just for you we worked out the most attractive, but at the same time very easy and affordable wild range of romance dating services.

We accept on-line payments with the VISA and Master cards. All payments go through secure Ukraine Processing Center.

The procedure is following:

As soon as the customer decides that he would like to use our services, he informs us about it and about the amount that he would like to open his account with. We then send him links for placing deposit.

After each purchase we inform a customer about itís cost and the balance that is left at his account after using a certain service.

Letter to forward with NO translation2,50/letter
Letter to forward including translation, up to 450 words5,00/letter
Photo sent to/from the lady1,00/photo
SKYPE personal conversation, with NO interpreter5,00/10 minutes
SKYPE personal conversation, with interpreter7,00/10 minutes
Visiting UkrainePrice
Personal introduction in the office45,00/introduction
Interpreter, working hours11,00/hour
Interpreter, evening and weekends14,00/hour
Personal tour STANDARD class, minimal term 4 days120,00/day
Personal tour PREMIUM class, minimal term 4 days150,00/day
Meeting&transportation to or from the airport (one way)20,00
Transportation,long distance0,50/km
Renting a car with the driver 14,00/hour
Tickets purchase, the service fee10,00

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