Our Services

  1. Introduction

    The Odessa Women marriage agency considers matchmaking to be our most important service. We can either assist with correspondence prior to a visit to Odessa or as a personal introduction for gentlemen who wish to view our Odessa Women catalogue by visiting our office in Odessa. If you are in Odessa for business or if a meeting with a lady from another agency didn’t work well, we’ll happily introduce you to our sincere and marriage minded girls in person.

    If using the Internet service, select the lady that you like and the first letter to her is free using the “Send me a letter” feature on the lady’s profile. Try to describe yourself, send a nice picture with a smile and a positive response is invariably the result!

    If you wish to continue correspondence with a lady, you will need to open an account (just send us an email) and we will set up a payment service so each time you send a letter we can deduct payment. A one-page letter translated and delivered to or from a lady in Odessa is US$5.00. If you wish to add a photograph with the letter, this will cost only US$2.00. So you can start with as little as US$30.00 in your account. You will find this to be a very inexpensive service compared to other agencies!
  2. Personal Tours

    This service is designed for those customers, who do not want to correspond but prefer to meet many beautiful girls for marriage in person. Some our clients say, that one personal meeting is worth of 100 letters. We offer complete customization of services as the client demands, using standard or luxury standard apartments with full maid services included (includes laundry and ironing).

  3. Invitation Letter

    Under current Ukrainian law, an official invitation letter is needed for countries that require a Ukrainian visa. We can organize a multi-entry ‘business’ invitation letter.

  4. Video Communications

    You can talk to a lady by video link with the assistance of an interpreter if her English is not fluent enough at our offices between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (0900 and 1600) using the Skype application.

  5. Accommodation

    Accommodation in Odessa and at many other cities of Ukraine is easy to order using a credit card. We have apartments and hotel rooms from economy class to the luxury apartments of the great quality with excellent maid services. We accept credit card payments.

  6. Transportation

    It is very convenient to be met by Our English-speaking Check-in Manager Andrey at Odessa airport and to be taken directly to your booked apartment or hotel in Odessa. Unfortunately some foreigners are taken advantage of at the airport by unscrupulous taxis or people with insincere intent so it is better to be looked after in this regard. You don’t need pay drivers of this transfer service as it is pre-paid and a receipt is available on client request.

    For those customers, who would like to visit ladies who live in another cities in Ukraine, private car transportation is one of the most reliable and safe ways to travel. This kind of transportation is definitely faster than the train and other forms of surface travel, which can be very slow in the Ukraine. We will determine a reasonable charge for each destination, based on distance.

  7. Flowers and gifts

    We have been conducting flower and gift delivery to our Odessa beautiful girls, who wanted to please their ladies for over a decade. Now we deliver anywhere in the Ukraine. We offer roses of many colors, and flowers of long, medium and short stem as appropriate, bouquets, flower baskets, delicious fruit baskets, perfume, and much more! Our florists are professional. Our prices are very inexpensive compared to our agencies.

  8. Translations and Guides

    All staff of the Odessa Women Agency can speak good English. So, we are always here for you to help to find a bank, shop, restaurant, beach, nightclub, or transportation to any destination. If translation service is required for a meeting with a lady or for business, we can provide an interpreter on an hourly basis (at current rates, US$11.00 for weekdays and US$14.00 for after work hours or weekends. We also have a great English-speaking guides for a professional and breathtaking excursion around the picturesque, historical city of Odessa.

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