Transportation in Odessa

1. Airport transfer

If a guest makes his first trip to Ukraine, it would be very convenient for him to be met at the airport right near the entrance gates and to be taken directly into apartment that was booked for him prior the visit.

Our Check In manager Andrey will wait for you with the sign with your name. He speaks a good English and is one of the Business owners.

We provide a FREE transportation from the airport if a customer stays at our apartment for 5 or more nights.

2. A Car & Driver rent

If you plan to visit a few places during a day or a few hours, to spend an hour or so at each place and go to the next place, it could be reasonable to rent a car with a driver on the hourly basuis. The payment per hour is possible, if the driving part is under 15 km (9 miles) per hour.

3. Long distance driving

Sometimes a man plans to meet a few girls who live either outside of Odessa or at the other city, such as Nikolaev, Kherson, etc.

Unfortunately after USSR is collapsed, we do not have flights between cities other than Kiev. So, if you plan to go to the other city, you can fly, but change a plane in Kiev. It makes sometime sreasonable to take a car with a driver and to drive between cities.

We charge per km at such cases.


- All our cars are nice and comfortable (German, Japaneese, Swedish, etc.)

- Our drivers are absolutely reliable, they work for us for years;

- We guarantee the declared fees, you do NOT have to discuss any prices with drivers.

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