Natalia ID 118

Date of birth: : 9 Dec 1964
Age : 57 y.o.

About me

My height: 167 smWeight: 68 kg
Eyes: GrayHair: Fair
Body Type: SlimMy marital status: Divorced
Profession: Engineer-TechnologistMy education: University
My current occupation: Registrator
Number of children:1 child

Child 1 sex: male
Child 1 name and age: Stas, 26 y.o.

English - Level 3 - Speaking beginner, can read a letter, but can't write yet
In own words: Ask me “What do you want?” I will answer “I don’t know” Well, like any other woman I’d like to be happy. What is happiness? Somebody has said that happiness is when they understand you. I grew up in a good family surrounded by tender love of my mother and my father who has been rather strict. I was proud with my elder brother who read much and wrote wonderful poems himself. I loves the wisdom and the patience of my granny. When a child I went to a ballet school and ballet is still one of my favourite hobbies. Alas, I do not dance myself but going to the Opera Theater is my passion, I adore “Zhisel” and “Carmen” and “The Swans’ Lake”. I take interests in pore, too, especially “Figaro” and “Traviata”. Probably it was my mom who made me be interested in it as she finished a musical school and often played classical music in the evening. I was dancing around her like a little butterfly. When I became older we song Ukrainian and Russian folk songs together. Now I miss it very much as both of my parents passed away and my son who is the only member of my family now has other hobbies. My son likes sitting at home and I prefer traveling. I love my city very much, though I was born in the place full of forests and lakes and I often recalled a yellow lily my brother took from the lake and gave me.

About the partner I am looking for

From : 45 y.o. to: 60 y.o.
His origin: White man from any country 

His religion: Christian

Seeks Partner: I want to meet a Caucasian man, preferably Christian, generous, gentle, not jealous, aged 45-60 years old

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