Marina ID 121

Date of birth: : 18 Mar 1964
Age : 55 y.o.

About me

My height: 162 smWeight: 54 kg
Eyes: HazelHair: Brown
Body Type: SlimMy marital status: Divorced
Profession: Director-assistantMy education: College
My current occupation: Director-assistant

English - Level 3 - Speaking beginner, can read a letter, but can't write yet
In own words: My close friends consider me as a happy person. As though everything is alright. But when I remail tete-a-tete with myself I feel uncozy.I think a woman can be only happy in the family. I am sure whatever a woman speaks about a man, secretly shy dreams to be married. So she is created. I would not like to write here about my merits and demerits.I can't get rid of a feeling that I am at the market, where every buyer shows his goods from the best sides. It is not natural for me to write that I am nice, smart, kind and educated. I'd like to talk about my perception of the World, about my attitude toward beauty, about people who are around me and whom I love. To my mind it creats the perception of one or another person but not from the bare advertisement in the internet. So if internet is one of the ways to find smb's half in this World, why not use it...?

About the partner I am looking for

From : 45 y.o. to: 60 y.o.
His origin: White man from any country 

His religion: Christian

Seeks Partner: I think that I will be lucky if I meet a person who can be happy, can love and can make other people happy. I would not like to connect my fortune with a person who has two main emotions: indignation and offence.I would like this great cold, strange world to become cozy, warm and close suddenly opened in its charm and veriety because I can find the only one person who will be dear to me from all the persons who surround me, so dear that I could connect my life with him forever...

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