Galina ID 138

Date of birth: : 0 0 0
Age : 2022 y.o.

About me

My height: 170 smWeight: 74 kg
Eyes: BlueHair: Fair
Body Type: FeminineMy marital status: Divorced
Profession: MathematicianMy education: University
My current occupation: Prgrammist
Number of children:2 children

Child 1 sex: male
Child 1 name and age: Maxim, 26 y.o.
Child 2 sex: female
Child 2 name and age: Evgenia 21 y.o.

English - Level 3 - Speaking beginner, can read a letter, but can't write yet
In own words: My zodiac sign is Virgo and I correspond to this sign in many ways. I am an intelligent, creative, emotional and romantic woman for whom spiritual values and ideals prevail over any mercenary or material interests. My life principles are nobleness, honesty and decency. I see the main meaning of life not in the accumulation of material values but rather in perfection of one's soul. I don't evaluate a person by the ammount of his wealth or his rank, but according to the distance separating him from Heavenly Fire. In other words my ideology and my spiritual core are based on Christianity which views I share. I am a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. My interests are arts, literature, music. I love traveling very much. I have been everywhere in Russia, I have been to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. At the same time I don't like noisy companies, crowds. Unfortunately my family life didn't work out. I have been married, I am currently divorced, I've got 2 beautiful children- a 20 year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. I don't have any bad habits. I don't drink, nor smoke. I believe that it is never too late to start a new life. I dream of creating a happy family based on mutual love for my heart is empty without love.

About the partner I am looking for

From : 45 y.o. to: 60 y.o.
His origin: White man from any country 

His religion: Christian

Seeks Partner: And I ask my Lord to show me the fastest way to that only one who can brighten my life and make it shine with new light and who will open his heart towards mine for the wonderful union of our destinies. I would like to meet a man aged 45 to 60.

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