Alla ID 152

Date of birth: : 26 Sep 1958
Age : 64 y.o.

About me

My height: 175 smWeight: 64 kg
Eyes: HazelHair: Blond
Body Type: SlimMy marital status: Widowed
Profession: Laboratory assistantMy education: College
My current occupation: Laboratory assistant
Number of children:2 children

Child 1 sex: female
Child 1 name and age: )ksana, 19 y.o.
Child 2 sex: male
Child 2 name and age: Artem, 17 y.o.

English - Level 3 - Speaking beginner, can read a letter, but can't write yet
In own words: The world we live in is great and boundless. Its space has no end. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here on this planet? Future is very important for me as I believe in the endless process of making our souls perfect. I know how to make people happy. I love and respect all people.

About the partner I am looking for

From : 50 y.o. to: 65 y.o.
His origin: White man from any country 

His religion: Christian

Seeks Partner: I would like to meet a kind and understanding man of 50-65, loving children.

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