Oksana ID 39

Date of birth: : 27 Oct 1982
Age : 39 y.o.

About me

My height: 165 smWeight: 55 kg
Eyes: HazelHair: Blond
Body Type: SlimMy marital status: Single
Profession: CookMy education: College
My current occupation: Entrepreneur

English - Level 1 - Needs the help of translator for reading and writing & for the personal meeting
In own words: Hi, my dear friend!
My name is Ksenia. I am 27 and I am blond with hazel eyes and I am slim and fragile. I do not drink or drink alcohol. I am calm, balanced, serious person with a good sense of humor.
I am fond of drawing, reading, designing of clothes. I go in interior design of houses and also landscaping. I like cooking. I go in for journalism and jurisprudence.
I like different kind of sports. I like billiard, bowling, running and boxing, gymnastics, darts and draughts.
My life motto is: A new day will come and say what to do.
I think my positive personality traits are: kindness, insistence, and sense of purpose, thoughtfulness.
As for my negative ones: independence and being stubborn.

About the partner I am looking for

From : 25 y.o. to: 45 y.o.
His origin: White man from any country 

His religion: Christian

Seeks Partner: As for my future partner, I do not want him to love me for my life victories, but I want him to love for what I am. If you have a clear head and pure heart you can find the way to my heart. I am sure then you can be a good husband and a good father, and there will always be peace and happiness in our house. And I will always see you off to work and meet you when you come back home. I will try never to disappoint you.
And, you know, I will tell you in secret, that I am sure you are reading my profile, smiling and thinking: “What would I do without you Ksyusha?”
Dear, I am waiting for you and remember this always.
Kisses and see you.

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